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JIS A Series-General

SWRCH6A Steel Wire

    Product_Grade: SWRCH6A

    Product_Specs: φ5.5~42mm

    Execution_Standard: JIS G 3507

    Applications: Cold Heading Steel Wire

    Characteristics: SWRCH6A carbon steel wire is commonly used to manufacture automotive suspension springs, including coil springs and leaf springs, due to its high strength and excellent ductility, which are essential for supporting vehicle weight and absorbing road shocksSWRCH6A carbon steel wire is employed in wire ropes and cables used in elevators, cranes, suspension bridges, and other heavy lifting and load-be···

Product Details


Details :

SWRCH6A is a low carbon steel, also known as SWRCH6A steel. It is a cold heading steel primarily used for manufacturing fasteners and connecting components such as bolts, screws, rivets, nuts, and wire ropes.

SWRCH6A steel exhibits good workability and weldability, meeting the requirements for high-strength fasteners and connecting elements.

It is typically processed through cold heading, cold extrusion, and heat treatment to achieve the desired strength and hardness.

Application Field

  1. Automotive industry: Manufacturing automotive components such as bolts, screws, connecting rods, etc.

  2. Machinery manufacturing: Producing fasteners and connecting components for machinery, tools, and instruments.

  3. Construction sector: Utilizing fasteners and connectors in building structures, steel constructions, and other construction projects.

  4. Electronic devices: Manufacturing fasteners and connectors for electronic products like computers, mobile phones, and appliances.

  5. Energy sector: Employing SWRCH6A steel in equipment and pipeline connections for industries like oil, natural gas, and power.

It is important to note that SWRCH6A steel may have different names and specifications in different regions or industries. 

Therefore, specific applications should refer to relevant standards and specifications based on the location and requirements.

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