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Seaquake Metal Wire Group Strengthens R&D and Launches New Products to Support Business Development

Release time:2021-04-20 08:16:46

Seaquake Metal Wire Group has increased R&D investment and launched a series of new products to meet market demand and support steady business development. The newly launched Seaquake-H3500 high-strength carbon steel wire series products will bring new opportunities to the company. 

Mr. Li, the head of R&D at Seaquake Metal Wire Group, introduced that the new Seaquake-H3500 series adopts an entirely new process and its performance indicators have reached the industry-leading level, filling the gap in high-end products. It is expected to open up new application areas and increase the company's market share in the high-end market. "The R&D of this product series is the result of the company's perseverance in independent innovation, which will help consolidate the company's technological advantages and brand influence in the industry."

In 2023, Seaquake Metal Wire Group's sales revenue increased steadily. As the global economy gradually recovers, the market demand for high-quality products will be further released. The company will continue to increase R&D investment in new products, increase product added value, and meet customer needs. 

Although there are variables in the external environment, Seaquake Metal Wire Group is fully confident. "We will adhere to the business philosophy of 'steady progress' to consolidate existing businesses while strengthening new product R&D and new market development," said Ms. Wang, President. "Steadily promote the high-quality development of the company and create greater value for shareholders and customers. In the future, the company will continue to enhance independent innovation capabilities, launch more differentiated and high-end product solutions, and strengthen the company's core competitiveness."

It is believed that under the leadership of the management and the joint efforts of all employees, Seaquake Metal Wire Group is capable of seizing new market opportunities and achieving high-quality and stable development. We look forward to the company seeking new opportunities in changes and writing an exciting new chapter relying on its technological and product advantages. 

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