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Spring Steel Wire

55SiCrA Carbon Spring Steel Wire

    Product_Grade: 55SiCrA

    Product_Specs: ∮5.5-∮39

    Execution_Standard: ASTM A227/A227M

    Applications: Spring Steel Wire

    Characteristics: 55SiCrA spring steel is a type of spring steel grade commonly used for manufacturing springs and elastic components. It has higher levels of silicon, chromium, and manganese, which impart good elasticity and high strength properties.55SiCrA spring steel wire is widely used in the manufacturing of various types of springs, including compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, and valve···

Product Details

Spring Steel Wire


Steel Grade: 55SiCrA/ DIN 54SiCr6 Spring Steel

Size: Thick: 5mm~10mm;Width: 120mm~500mm

Chemical Composition

C    Si    Mn    P    S    Cr    Ni    Cu    

0.51~0.59     1.20~1.60     0.50~0.80     ≤0.025      ≤0.025     0.50~0.80     ≤0.35     ≤0.25


Springs: 55SiCrA is widely used in the manufacturing of various types of springs, including extension springs, torsion springs,valve springs. Its high tensile strength, good elasticity,fatigue resistance make it suitable for these applications.

Suspension Components: It is used in automotive and transportation industries for suspension components, such as sway bars and stabilizers, where its strength and flexibility are crucial for absorbing shocks and vibrations.

Locking Mechanisms: The wire is employed in the production of lock and latch mechanisms, where its high strength ensures reliable and durable operation.

Agricultural Equipment: 55SiCrA spring steel wire is used in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery of including tillers, plows, and harrows, where its robustness and resilience are required for withstanding harsh field conditions.

Industrial Machinery: It is utilized in various industrial machinery and equipment that require springs or elastic components, such as conveyor systems, presses, and clamps.

Wire Forms: The wire is used to create various wire forms, which are essential components in diverse applications like electrical contacts, connectors, and fasteners.

Consumer Products: 55SiCrA spring steel wire can be found in numerous consumer products, including toys, furniture, and sporting equipment.

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